Cake and Cupcake Flavours

All my cakes are sliced in layers and the layers are sandwiched together with a delicious frosting / icing of your choice. The entire layered cake is then covered with Vanilla Fondant in the design of your choice. Fondant is a Sugar Dough.

If your cake is 3D or structural (more than a single layer) – you will find that they are held together with wooden skewers, dowels or straws. These support the cake and provide structure. In rare cases, depending on design, you will find wire supports.

Icing Flavours:

Dark Chocolate Ganache |  White Chocolate Ganache | Vanilla Butter Cream

White Chocolate ButterCream | Dark Chocolate ButterCream

Fruit fillings and flavoured fillings are charged extra.


Moist Chocolate Cake


Carrot Cake

carrot cake

Banana Cake


Vanilla Cupcakes


Vanilla Cake


Orange Cake

orange cake

Cake sizes & portions

cake servings round

Rich Fruit Cake

fruit cake

Red Velvet Cupcakes


Red Velvet Cake


Chocolate Cupcake

chocolate cupcake